Government introduces online crime tracker

The Ministry of Justice has launched a new online crime reporting and tracking tool; TrackMyCrime will allow victims to report a crime online and track every stage of the investigation, whilst exchanging messages with the investigating officer online to reply to any queries.

The government has said the new tool represents a key part of its plans to improve accessibility to crime services and streamline processes.

It is estimated that online crime reporting could save up to £3.7 million and 180,000 officer hours per year if it is adopted by all forces.

Speaking at the inaugural International Crime and Police Conference, Victims’ Minister Mike Penning announced the launch of TrackMyCrime saying the digital tool provides “victims more control over their case than ever before and allows them to find out information in a way and at a time that suits them.

This is a common sense approach and I look forward to seeing police forces across the country adopting it.”

It is hoped that the instant digitally secure communication between officer and victim will improve the quality of support and provide a more efficient way of interacting for victims who may find digital interaction more convenient, and officers working shifts.

The website will not replace any services involving face-to-face interaction between victims and police officers, but instead offer alternative services for those who prefer and is hoped to reduce the service load of the non-emergency 101 number.

In addition, the Home Secretary said earlier this week that the Home Office is to collaborate with Surrey and Sussex police forces in developing a prototype service on to report non-emergency crimes.

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