New UK war memorial website to be launched

The government is developing plans for a new website, to be designed and implemented over the next four years, which will collate information on all of the UK’s war memorials, including general enquiries and funding queries.

First World War Minister Helen Grant announced the plans for whilst on a visit to the Watford Peace Memorial.

The project is set to be funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport using proceeds from banking fines from the LIBOR scandal and will pool resources from across the UK; the government has said that the initiative will allow people to “be at the heart of protecting and conserving war memorials”.

The website will be designed to include easily accessible information about war memorials and use expert advice on the best way to preserve local memorials; this will include information around conservation grants and the process of listing the memorials for additional protection.

At the end of the four year plan, it is hoped that the will be easily accessible and be the definitive resource for war memorial information. This will include full information of memorials up to and including the modern day conflict in Afghanistan.

At her visit to the Watford Peace Memorial, which has been restored by a £5,000 grant, Helen Grant said, “After the First World War, war memorials were erected across the country in a huge wave of remembrance.

They were and remain records of our nation’s sacrifice, our personal and collective memories carved in stone. Our part in this ongoing story is to learn, record, restore and protect them for the future.”

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