HMRC online trial for company car taxes

HMRC has launched an online trial of a service which allows users of company cars to make changes to their car and fuel benefits and avoiding waiting for HMRC to update user’s tax codes.

Customers who are on Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax schemes with company cars will be able to make adjustments to their tax codes themselves online by updating information on their car and fuel benefits.

HMRC’s chief digital and information officer, Mark Dearnley, said: “HMRC is rolling out customer-focused digital services that are so straightforward and convenient that everyone who can use them will choose to do so.

Our digital services will deliver significant savings to HMRC’s customers in both the cost of phone calls and time spent dealing with the department.

HMRC receives an estimated 4.3 million calls a year for tax code enquiries; the new service is expected to improve customer services with reduced reliance on telephones and make it more convenient for customers to make changes when they want rather than relying on HMRC’s current systems.

Dearnley added that the trial is designed to “incorporate customer’s feedback to ensure we deliver a service they want.”

The trial will be used with the online identification Verify system.

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