Digital Health Conference and Exhibition 2015

On Tuesday 7th July, the Digital Health Conference and Exhibition 2015 will take place at the University of Salford in Manchester.

Attendance at this conference will provide you with knowledge and skills that you can take back to your workplace to the benefit of yourself and your organisation and the wider health and care system, including:

  • Using technology in healthcare where it can deliver the same high standards in a way that is more flexible and convenient for patients
  • Reducing unnecessary face-to-face interaction so that appointments can be given to the people who really need or would prefer them.
  • Fitting in with people’s busy lives and delivering faster and more convenient services.
  • Improving patient choice and satisfaction levels and enhancing quality of care.
  • Helping to deliver efficiency gains by reducing face-to-face interaction.
  • Empowering patients to take control of their own healthcare needs and promoting self-care.
  • Improving collaboration across healthcare, social care and industry.

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