Agilisys enhances contract with North Somerset Council

Agilisys is extending and expanding its support services partnership contract with North Somerset Council.

This enhancement will help narrow the gap in North Somerset Council’s budget, as well as complement the council’s regeneration programme. It is made up of a number of elements including the transfer and transformation of Business Support and further Customer Services to the partnership, and the launch of Agilisys’ digital apprenticeship business in the South West.

The deal also covers service re-specification of selected services including re-provisioning of ICT to a fully cloud based service model, an ambitious Digital Transformation programme and a 5 year contract extension which will see Agilisys, together with partnering service provider Liberata, delivering services to the council until September 2025.

Cliff Graham, Agilisys Regional Director said: “We are extremely pleased to widen the scope of our work in the South West to help deliver further savings and service improvements to North Somerset Council. Agilisys recognises the rising user expectations and demands of public services, their rapidly increasing digital expectations, and the continued decrease in resources and budgets to meet that service demand. North Somerset Council and Agilisys are working together to deliver a programme, underpinned by digital technologies, that places far greater autonomy, access and responsibility in the hands of service users whether they may be citizens or local businesses. We believe that this approach will reduce service demand and cost, help to protect front line services and offers a valuable new channel to interact with citizens and businesses across the borough.”

Steven Beard, Agilisys CEO added: “Since 2010 Agilisys and North Somerset Council have worked in partnership to transform services that make a difference to thousands of residents throughout the region. We have worked hard to leverage new and existing technologies and employ business transformation processes to enable the council to improve service delivery, rationalise customers’ interaction with their council and realise major budget savings.

“Our future work with the council will further improve services for residents by creating local jobs for local people, increasing revenue, reducing costs and providing innovative technology solutions. We are looking forward to a continued rewarding relationship with North Somerset Council meeting the challenges ahead and building on the success of the partnership thus far. We look forward to being a part of the team that helps to address the council’s challenges in a truly transformational way.”

Agilisys has been working in partnership with North Somerset Council since October 2010. During this time Agilisys has successfully delivered upon a commitment to reduce the cost of core services by £2m in the first 3 years, whilst also enabling service improvement via formally agreed transformation and service improvement programmes.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Nigel Ashton, said: “The transformation programme is strengthening our strategic partnerships and ensuring our organisation runs as efficiently as possible. Agilisys have more than four years’ experience of delivering services for us and they have already proved their ability to help us by delivering good quality support services. The transfer of additional services will build on this success.”

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