Government launches online crime billing pilot

The government is launching a pilot scheme to test the submission of Crown Court bills online; the Crime Billing Online (CBO) project is part of the government’s “Crime Change programme”.

The scheme will be launched with a combination of large and small solicitor advocate firms and chambers.

The partnership will test the online billing system and develop a working prototype of the system which is expected by the end of April 2015.

The pilot scheme will initially allow advocates to submit the full Crown Court bills and supplementary evidence to address the “biggest issue” with the current process of excess volume of paper.

The Legal Aid Agency commented “we already have a lot of feedback about how users tell us they would like crown court billing to work.

This will feed into the work of our project team as they test the software and see what improvements can be made.”

Ultimately, the system aims to allow both providers and advocates to submit all Crown Court bills online to provide benefits of reduced costs and efficient casework processing with electronic communication.

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