UK hosts first Open Data Camp

To mark International Open Data Day, the government hosted the first Open Data Camp and released the latest set of open data.

The International Open Data Day saw citizens from around the world showing support of and further encouragement of open data policies by global governments.

The UK has previously been recognised as one of the most open and transparent in the world in terms of public access to data.

​Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office commented “we are the leader, but others are moving quickly in this territory as well. This is a real international movement.”

The Open Data Camp brought together over two hundred individuals from local and central government, small businesses, the private and voluntary sectors to discuss open data.

Mark Braggins, Open Data Camp Organiser, said “Open Data Camp has gone from just an idea to a fully-fledged event in just a few months.

The level of interest has been astonishing, with people travelling from across the UK at a weekend to talk about, and make stuff happen, with open data.

Working together we can help overcome some really tricky challenges, and spark ideas which could result in new businesses being born.”

New data from the Buy Social Directory, a comprehensive index of over 10,000 social enterprises throughout the UK, will be made available to participants along with over 19,000 datasets already available on

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