Report: digital reinvention of local government

A new Management Consultancies Association report ‘Local government – time for reinvention’ has recommended how councils and local authorities need to continue to pursue digital strategies.

The report received input from experts of local government and consultants who work with councils across the country.

The report says that an increased digital focus can deliver cost savings, improve services and change the relationship between consumers, local and central government.

Local authorities and others responsible for delivering digital services should not only pursue increased digitisation but also collaborate with each other in implementing solutions.

Digitisation could be deployed across a wider range of services and geographical range, and improve service self-management particularly in social care.

Councils and government should ensure that they collaborate so that there are the necessary skills and resources to implement a full range of digital services.

Anjana Jasani, a contributor to the report, commented that “regarding digital, we’ve only just scratched the surface in maximising its uses for local services.”

Paul Connolly, Director of the MCA Think Tank, and author of the report, said: “we need to define what local authorities are for – then reinvent them for the 21st century.

This template of ‘what good looks like’ would be used as a standard against which to judge local government reform proposals.”

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