Transforming public services in an age of austerity

Government’s Digital by Default policy demands that public sector organisations deliver better service for less and implement new technologies to increase public sector productivity and efficiency.

This requires skills and experience that are in short supply, not to mention significant financial investment at a time when economic pressures have led to significant budget cuts across local and central government.

Join the Digital Leaders Wales group in Cardiff on Thursday 12th March at 4pm as they discuss whether it is possible to successfully transform public services whilst subject to severe budget cuts.

The meeting will open with Emyr Roberts, CEO of Natural Resources Wales, and Laura Dewis, Deputy Director for Digital Publishing at ONS, sharing their experiences of digital transformation as well as advice for those embarking on such a project.

Robin Knowles, Founder of Digital Leaders, said: “The Welsh Government has taken the implementation of its Digital Wales Strategy extremely seriously so we hope this next Digital Leaders Wales event will enable innovators in the region to share their experiences, advice and best practices. This exchange of information will be key as Wales implements its strategy in order to deliver better services to the nation.”

Learn more about the event and register here.

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