Brighton & Hove leader calls for local GDS

Brighton & Hove local authority leader, Jason Kitcat, is calling for the creation of a local government digital service in the foreword of Socitm’s Better Connected 2015 report.

Currently, local government is struggling to implement an effective digital programme and Kitcat suggests that the solution is the creation of local government digital service to aid the digital transition.

In the foreword of Socitm’s annual report on the digital performance of local authorities, Kitcat explains, “My proposal is that the sector funds and backs a collective approach to digital transformation… which prevents reinvention of the wheel where possible [how many separate times are councils building ‘My Account’ functions?] and which provides collective leadership.

[It will be] A place to support local government, highlight best practice and to host reusable design patterns and code. In other words, a Local Government Digital Service by and for local government. We need to do this for ourselves, together – now.’

Commenting on the overall state of digital implementation across local government, Kitcat says “…there is some fabulous digital work out there, some brilliant apps, websites and more as evidenced by this report.

But it’s not enough. If we continue at this pace of change, then the transformation will only be ready long after our sector is dead and buried.”

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