Engagement Strategies for the Public Sector

On Wednesday 20th May, Policy Knowledge will be holding an event, ‘Engagement Strategies for the Public Sector – Social Media, Customer Service & Complaints’, in London.

As public sector organisations actively seek efficient and effective means to improve the ways they engage with their ‘customers’ and the public more widely, this event will offer an opportunity to hear examples of best practice, the challenges and the practical steps to improve links.

Community cohesion and transparency have become increasingly important for those in the public sector. Planned sessions will examine the use of social media including the pitfalls and immense opportunities that it offers, how to improve customer service and handling of complaints (and the approaches that can be taken from the private sector) as well as the emerging ways to disseminate information effectively and efficiently.

Overall, the event will consider:

  • Best practice for disseminating information – channels, platforms and preventing exclusion;
  • Improving citizen engagement with public bodies – how to broaden the appeal of participation in the policy formation process;
  • The use of social media – dealing with trolling, understanding its limitations and opportunities and the emerging legal aspects; and
  • Complaints and customer service – how to deal with the flip side of opening communications channels and the latest thinking of improving customer service and complaint handling

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