Town council digitally mapping local graveyard

Langport Town Council is to digitally map the town’s cemetery, to replace the current paper system used to identify graves and plan future work.

The plans were proposed by town clerk David Mears to use Kent company AMJ UK for the creation of a digital map of the local cemetery which has 1,237 graves and room for future burials.

At present, the council uses a papered system to record all the existing graves and locate available cemetery plots but under the new proposals AMJ UK will create a database containing every grave in the Langport Cemetery, accessible through the council website.

Visitors to the town with deceased relatives will find it easier to locate their familial graves and current residents can view available burial plots whilst bypassing the current paper chain.

Councillor Janet Seaton commented “having paper files on this scale is becoming more and more unworkable.”

Councillor Garry Edmunds added that although “the current system is pretty awful, [the council proposals] seems a lot of money.”

Councillor Anne Michell suggested that there are currently alternative systems available and questioned whether the investment required for the new system was justified.

The council ultimately voted to accept the proposal despite the funding discussions.

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