5 things you need to know about data security

According to ‘How safe is your data?’, a new whitepaper by Skyscape Cloud Services, organisations storing sensitive data in the UK could be opening themselves up to hefty fines and huge reputational damage by failing to keep data security up to scratch.

Even something as simple as choosing a US or international cloud provider could open data up to foreign surveillance or law enforcement requests to hand the data over to a foreign government.

To understand data security and privacy issues organisations must consider the implications of breaching the UK Data Protection Act, the global nature of data disclosure and the growing trend of data sovereignty, along with whose responsibility it is to validate supplier statements about security and whether Safe Harbour is really all the protection you need.

According to the whitepaper: “As the SIRO or civil servant responsible for the security and privacy of the citizen data entrusted to your organisation, you have to decide whether the risk of exposing your data to non-UK authorities is acceptable. Keeping data securely in the UK, with a UK-sovereign data professional, is the best mitigation you can have.”

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