How local government can shape engaged citizens: report

New research from civic tech organisation mySociety and the World Bank, the Effect of Government Responsiveness on Future Political Participation, shows that councils can take steps to significantly raise engagement.

Since its launch in 2007, has enabled citizens to improve their communities by reporting street faults such as potholes or broken paving. The research analysed almost 400,000 FixMyStreet reports to answer the question, “Does getting a report fixed make users more likely to file a subsequent report?”.

The answer was a definitive yes: users are 54% more likely to continue to file reports of faults in their local area, if their first issue is fixed. Equally, if their report is ignored, they are less likely to engage again.

Rebecca Rumbul, mySociety’s Head of Research, said: “This is a clear cut finding that shows the value of responsiveness from local government. Getting a problem fixed is clearly a feel-good result that we want to experience again and again – becoming just the sort of useful citizen that every local council depends upon.”

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