Government deputy CTO: “Stop in-house data centres”

Public sector organisations should no longer run data centres in-house, according to the government’s deputy CTO.

Speaking at the Public Sector ICT summit, Magnus Falk said that the financial requirements for in-house data centres are far beyond those of governments, he urged for the government “to get out of the data centre business”.

Hampshire County Council’s chief digital officer, Jos Creese, did not “entirely” share Falk’s view on data centres, stating “it’s not about the end of in-house data centres.”

It’s about reshaping that. You need a plan. If you’re going to move critical public data to the cloud, you need to lock it into your overall digital strategy“.

He said that despite the GDS guidelines stating use of the public cloud must be the solution first considered the government is taking time to transition to the cloud.

Creese asked “is there anyone not using cloud at home? This is not new stuff. Yet cloud is still a tiny proportion of the huge amount of spending on technology across the public sector“.

He added that with adoption of the cloud, public sector bodies would no longer have to own and manage their own infrastructure.

Overall Creese argued that the cloud would primarily bring efficiency benefits and the uniformity of IT so that each team or department does not require unique, costly IT systems.

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