Barclays, PayPal and Royal Mail amongst new Verify providers

The Cabinet Office announces five new providers for its Verify online identity verification service.

Barclays, PayPal, Royal Mail, GB Group and Morpho are the five new additions to the list of providers.

The Post Office, Experian, Digidentity and Verizon, are all existing providers of the identity verification service.

Public users will now be able to select one of the nine certified companies to check and provide verification for their identity online to access digital services securely such as HMRC’s online self-assessment tax returns.

The one-time verification process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said: “We are making it easier for everyone to prove their identity online without building a single database or reintroducing an illiberal ID card scheme.

Our online verification scheme empowers citizens to select the provider they want to manage and prove their identity.”

The government announced last week during the Budget 2015 that Verify was to be rolled out across central government “following a successful trial”.

However, the service has been criticised and one of reasons for the abandonment of a £154 million system for Common Agricultural Policy subsidy payments to farmers.

According to progress reports in January from the GDS, users during testing reported around a 60% identity certification rate whilst using HMRC’s online services.

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