Coventry City Council backs Jadu’s move to Continuous Delivery

Coventry City Council has backed Jadu’s move to Continuous Delivery along with the UK Government Department for Communities and Local Government the DCLG.

Jadu, a global web experience management company, has implemented Continuous Delivery so there are never any major upgrades, just continuous releases every two weeks.

The move lessens the engineering time and project management required to perform large system upgrades, saving over £1.2m in costs each year across Jadu customers in the UK public sector alone

Coventry City Council is reducing the cost of updating its website software by up to 70% ahead of the launch of its new customer portal which is set to drive more residents online over the coming year.

Martin Reeves, Chief Executive Officer, Coventry City Council: “Local Authorities need to keep ahead of the digital curve. It is essential our web platforms can stay up to date in order to meet our customers’ needs to access council services online. We are really pleased that Jadu have innovated with much faster updates and continuous improvement in support of the Council’s digital strategy and desire to be more Agile.”

Julian Bowrey, Deputy Director Corporate & Digital Communications, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG): “This is really exciting news. At our recent Local Digital Trends event Jadu and other suppliers supporting the programme were very keen to do more to help local government meet a challenging future by using digital more effectively. I am delighted to see Jadu showing such great leadership, helping to move local government on faster and further. And I will be interested to see whether other suppliers pick up the gauntlet that Jadu has thrown down!”


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