Digital healthcare boosted with £78m fund

Health and social care providers across the country will benefit from £78m cash boost this year to invest in technology and help them move from paper-based clinical records to integrated digital care records.

NHS Trusts and Local Authorities will have access to £43m of Integrated Digital Care funding to put in place electronic information systems which make sharing information between care settings easier and ensure that patients only tell their story once.

Approval has also been granted for the second tranche of the Nursing Technology Fund which makes £35m available to Trusts, health charities and community health providers to spend on digital services that will support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants in their work and help them release time to care.

Beverley Bryant, Director of Strategic Systems and Technology at NHS England, said: “We are committed to a digital strategy to help transform health services through technology and put patients in control of their care and welcome the latest investment in the Integrated Digital Care fund which will help to digitise and integrate patient information across health and social care, enabling safer, more joined up services.”

full list of recipients of the Nursing Technology Fund is available on NHS England’s website.

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