Social Media Uncovered

On Monday 27th April, the Institute of Association Management (IofAM),  is holding an event to discuss and explore issues concerning social networking and protection of organisations.

How should an organisation develop a rulebook which provides guidelines to reduce the risk of technical and reputational disasters and if the line is crossed, what action should it take to address the predicament in which it might find itself?

This session will be based on a live case study presented by a senior resourcing expert, Colin Minto, Group Head Resourcing and HR Systems at G4S. Included in his presentation will be:

  • how to recognise when the job is being done effectively,
  • how to protect the organisation from abuse,
  • how to moderate and manage the large amount of traffic generated by Social Media,
  • an overview of how crisis management can be applied when it is needed.

To book for this event, click here.

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