5 reasons to get involved with the Digital Leaders 100

Sponsoring the Digital Leaders 100 Awards is a completely unique brand building opportunity for many reasons, but here are five of the best reasons to get involved as a sponsor.

1. Be recognised as a thought leader

The Digital Leaders 100 honours the highest digital achievements across the UK public, private and non-profit sectors.  By sponsoring this celebration, your organisation is associating itself with the best and brightest people and organisations in the space today

2. Bolster your brand

Digital transformation is a hot topic, and as such our sponsors are covered extensively in both Digital by Default News and wider press. And, with your logo on our promotional and event materials, your brand will be associated with high achievers long after the evening is over.

3. Find your target audience

Sponsors of the Digital Leaders 100 have instant access to an audience already engaged with and passionate about digital transformation. This audience wants to hear what you have to say.

4. Entertain clients and reward your team

Our black-tie gala will be a joyous occasion featuring a glamorous venue, delicious three-course meal and elegant Champagne reception.  A glittering evening out is a wonderful way to reward your hard-working team or entertain new clients. None could fail to be impressed.

5. Demonstrate your passion for digital transformation

We launched the Digital Leaders 100 for one reason above all others: We believe in digital transformation. There is no better way to demonstrate your support and commitment of this exciting initiative than to help celebrate the people and organisations making it a reality.

To learn more about sponsoring the Digital Leaders 100 contact Natasha Godbold at Natasha.Godbold@Contentive.com or Dalia Dawood at Dalia.Dawood@Contentive.com 

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