Public sector is seeking innovative cloud services

With shrinking budgets and growing service demands, central and local government organisations are always looking for innovative ways to save money but not lose efficiency. Organisations seek this innovation from staff as well as suppliers.

Many have looked towards the benefits of hosting their infrastructure on a public cloud – enabling them to focus on their core business activities and help free up property used to store their servers. However this doesn’t completely solve the problem because there is still a need to have their most sensitive (IL3) information in the UK, meaning they still end up managing some servers themselves. It is this sort of barrier that suppliers and government need to work together to overcome in order to increase cloud adoption.

This week Eduserv, the not-for-profit IT supplier to government, launched an innovative solution that seems to go a long way to address this problem. Their Assured Hybrid Cloud now has the addition of support from Amazon Web Services. This hybrid cloud allows the most sensitive data to be stored on Eduserv’s secure cloud, offering IL3 accreditation and UK sovereignty, and the public information to be stored with Amazon Web Services. The two clouds are securely connected so information can shared across the different security domains.

This new service seems to remove one of the major barriers that government organisations face when trying to move public services online, giving them access to both the benefits of the large economies of scale and range of services that AWS offer, with the security of the Eduserv UK cloud.

Max Peterson, General Manager Partners, Capture and Contracts, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services, said: “UK customers are eager to start taking advantage of the cloud. By working with Eduserv, customers are able to benefit from the cloud’s breadth of services, agility and cost savings, while complying with the Cabinet Office’s Digital by Default standard and Cloud First policy.”

Ed Zedlewski, Managing Director of Managed Cloud Services at Eduserv said: “The Eduserv Assured Hybrid Cloud has the potential to revolutionise cloud adoption in the public sector. One of the major barriers to adoption of cloud computing is the handling of OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE data. Our hybrid cloud, coupled with AWS, provides a secure, accredited cloud environment for sensitive information.

 “Our flexible managed services will provide the additional support organisations need in order to free up time and resources for their IT and digital leaders so they can add greater value to their organisations as a business partner rather than a service provider.”

For more information about Eduserv’s Assured Hybrid Cloud and their other cloud services, visit their website.


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