BT announces new cyber security platform

BT announces the launch of a new cyber security platform to monitor, detect and protect against cyber threat for government organisations.

BT Assure Cyber, which has been designed for large public and private sector bodies, utilises data so that threats that may have taken weeks to identify and eliminate can now be tackled much quicker.

BT says its new system blends a much wider range of data than existing systems and that its analytics engine can detect “subtle threats” and presents a comprehensive security review.

Security analysts and specialists can examine the review to address priority incidents for analysis.

Assure Cyber uses a “super correlation engine” to marry additional data with traditional anomaly detection systems to increase the situational awareness of potential threats.

The combined data set takes into account how serious a threat is by determining the levels of security between the attacker and its target and as such experts can prioritise across a multitude of potential threats to ensure constant maximum security.

Mark Hughes, president of BT Security, said: “The traditional security perimeter has dissolved. Cloud computing and mobile devices have the potential to make organisations more agile, efficient and competitive.

They also introduce a multiplicity of new security risks. These developments take place in an environment where organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, changes in suppliers and adoption of new technologies make it increasingly difficult to assess an organisation’s exposure to the global cyber threat landscape.

As innovation in technology accelerates, so must innovation and investment in the security controls that protect sensitive corporate assets from cyber-attack,” Hughes concluded.

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