NHS e-Referral Service goes live on 15th June

The new NHS e-Referral Service will go online on 15th June, marking a major milestone towards achieving a paperless NHS by 2018, the Health and Social Care Information Centre has confirmed.

The e-Referral service is part of a plan to replace all paper-based referrals.

Due to roll out in November 2014, the date was pushed back for “significant test, assurance and defect resolution activity” to be completed.

The HSCIC website says the “new electronic referral service will improve the quality of the referral experience for patients and better support current and future business processes for clinicians and administrative staff.”

Their website adds that there will “no longer be a mixed economy of paper and electronic referrals.”

The HSCIC says the e-Referrals Service will build on the successes of Choose and Book, while acknowledging its failures, and will include enhanced functionality and usability.

“We have spoken to more than 2,500 stakeholders and they have told us about some of the functionality they would like to see from a future NHS e-referral service,” it says.


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