Solihull Council commissions new data centre

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council commissions a new data centre to form a key part of its future IT infrastructure.

The 390 square metre centre will be built by Secure IT Environments and then handed over to the council in September 2015. The cost of the project has yet to be disclosed.

The centre will house servers, data, equipment and other necessary IT infrastructure to run the council’s digital services, with construction work to begin by the end of the month.

The facility will be running for a year in parallel with the existing centre to ease the transition and minimise disruption.

According to the council, the data centre will improve its digital services: “the new data centre is key to ensuring business continuity for all services within the council.

It will help us to reduce energy consumption and provide a cost effective solution for the future,” said the council.

Chris Wellfair, projects director with Secure I.T. Environments, suggested that as council increasingly migrate services online, data centres will become more and more important to local and regional IT infrastructure.

Eventually online will become the primary way citizens gain access to council services and we’re looking forward to getting started on this challenging project,” he commented.

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