Labour pledges to introduce automatic voter registration

Labour has unveiled a plan to allow local authorities to automatically register citizens to vote, to boost the number of people registered to vote in elections.

According to Sadiq Khan, former shadow minister of London, people could be registered without having to fill out a paper form or through an online application.

This is because under the Labour plans, local authorities could use their own data records, vehicle registration or driving licences, or HMRC accounts to authorise the registration process.

Khan said that those who wished not to be registered could say so and indicated that the scheme would be targeting those that are unable to register or are unsure how.

It is estimated that 7.5 million citizens have “disappeared” from the electoral register and latest figures show that nearly a million voters have been lost since the Individual Electoral Registration system was introduced.

Many of those unregistered include students and those that have recently moved home.

Khan stated, “If Labour wins in May, we’ll overhaul of the way people register to vote in a generation.

If the government is confident enough to give people a driving licence or tax them, then it shouldn’t be rocket science to sign them up to vote too.

If implemented, this would make registering to vote an effort-free process for millions of people.”

Labour has indicated that the process could begin “within weeks” of the next government forming.

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