Election 2015: what are the political parties saying about public service technology?

With the election on May 7th drawing close, the main political parties are making clear their plans on how technology will be used to aid public services and the economy if they win.

Here’s a breakdown of their technology policies for public services:


  • Give NHS patients access to their electronic records
  • Move more government services online
  • Improve data transparency


  • Vision for ‘digital government’ to make data sharing between online services easier
  • Improve data transparency with an ‘open data by default’ policy
  • Freedom of Information (FoI) laws to extend to private firms running public services

Liberal Democrats

  • Pursue and extend ‘digital by default’ policy
  • GPs to use Skype for patient appointments
  • Public service providers to implement highest standard of data protection
  • Give people access to data businesses have on them
  • Will impose a moratorium on the creation of new government databases without Parliamentary authority.

The Green Party

  • Stop the commercialisation of public data


  • Return work capability assessments to GPs


  • Overhaul the work capability assessment

Plaid Cymru

  • Boost standard of IT within NHS to improve speed and quality of patient care
  • Opposed to Universal Credit until a review has been held and access does not require the Internet or IT skills.


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