One in five could live without broadband for a month or more

Over 20% of UK broadband users could survive without broadband internet for a month or more, according to a survey conducted by

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, around 10% said they could do without broadband indefinitely and over 11% believe they could last a month or more without internet access, but not forever.

Nearly two thirds of the total survey said they would last less than a week without a broadband connection, with 17% saying they could not make a whole day without internet and a further 7.5% required permanent internet access.


Broadband expert and editor-in-chief Dan Howdle said of the results:  “broadband is more than just a technology now. It’s the medium by which we run our informational, financial, and social lives.

Even those who dismissed broadband as inessential a decade ago now are now researching holidays, shopping, maintaining personal relationships and more online.

Like the telephone, broadband is no longer some nascent fad, but something so deeply entwined with our personal and interpersonal lives that we can no longer distinguish the technology itself from the emotional content of our online social interactions.

And that’s why it’s all but unthinkable [living without it].”

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