Wales set to appoint first chief digital officer

The Welsh government has indicated that it is ready to appoint its first chief digital officer as part of its ‘Digital First’ strategy to lead Welsh digital transformation on a local and national level.

The plan was announced in the government’s ‘Digital First’ strategy paper that outlines the aims for revolutionising digital services in Wales.

The paper also included strategies for future redesign of services, offer value for money, share and collaborate amongst organisations, promote open data and increased communication.

The strategy paper identifies the need for strong leadership and governance of skills to deliver a digital transformation process and therefore a key priority of the Welsh plans.

According to the paper, it is “important that Wales ensures suitably skilled and empowered digital leadership is in place at both the national and local level.”

The appointed chief digital officer, who has yet to be named, will “champion and oversee the Government’s digital service transformation and help drive transformational change across the Welsh public sector.”

The new chief digital officer will collaborate with the Digital Public Services Working Group, which is jointly chaired by the minister for public services and the deputy minister for technology and skills.

The position will offer a “focal point” for the Welsh government to engage with the private, academic and third sector to support the public sector in providing a “joined-up, more accessible” range of digital services.

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