Community broadband project reaches speeds of 1,000 mbps

A rural community broadband project has successfully brought ‘hyperfast’ speeds to residents and businesses from Yealand Village Hall, Lancashire.

The B4YS broadband project is set to deliver hyperdast fibre-optic broadband services to Yealand, Silverdale and Storth, through the collective efforts of volunteers, donations and included farmers assisting in digging cable lines in exchange for shares in the broadband service.

The cables for the project stretch across local fields, under the M6 motorway, over the Lancaster Canal and under the West Coast Main Line railway.

Local residents decided to invest in their own broadband infrastructure after struggling to access reliable internet – under the old copper wiring delivery systems, homes and businesses were receiving less than 2 mbps, and will now experience speeds of up to 1,000 mbps.

The new speeds will reportedly allow residents to download a film in less than a minute, when it previously took over 5 hours and upload 200 photos in around 5 seconds, when it could have taken up to 40 minutes before the new service.

Mike Macklin, of the Yealand team, said: “The hyperfast broadband service is now live in Yealand Village Hall. The hall is now connected, together with a few properties and businesses on the route from Tewitfield.

The cabinet in the hall is fully operational but the WiFi router still needs an electricity connection; this will be completed next week.

The installation of the duct continues in Conyers, and is now well advanced. We are now waiting for permission for the road crossings from Lancashire County Council, which should be received shortly.

We are making progress on the wayleaves through Redmayne and hopefully work will start on the laying of the duct shortly.”

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