How to protect your organisation from cybercrime

As public sector organisations increasingly move to the cloud, the need for security strategies heightens.

To prevent your organisation from falling victim to cybercrime, you should adopt security policies throughout. Here are four top tips on how to minimise threats:

  1. Put a strict password policy in place. Your most vulnerable assets are your staff. Train employees to choose more complex passwords and encourage them to change them every three months.
  1. Encrypt company emails and communications. While this doesn’t make information totally secure, it could serve to put off the hacker as they will have to work through another layer of protection.
  1. Educate your employees about the warning signs. Everyone needs to know what a harmful email or scam looks like. Flag up things to look out for, such as suspicious attachments or card detail requests.
  1. Make the most of malware, spyware and firewall software programs. Make sure all your computers have these installed to dispel threats before they cause problems.

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