Melton Borough Council sees 70% update of digital services in three months

After just three months Melton Borough Council has seen a 70 per cent uptake of their My Account program, powered by Agilisys Digital and Engage.

Melton citizens are now able to go online to pay their Council Tax, set up direct debits, apply for a single person discount and view their balance.

Christian Coltart, Transformational Programme Manager at Melton, said: “Having invested in Agilisys Digital platform and Agilisys Engage, Melton Borough Council are seeing uptake of its digital offerings hit 70 per cent. This is fantastic in itself, but even more impressive when you consider the release is as recent as three months ago and, in many cases, targeting a demographic less likely to self-serve.”

According to Coltart the Agilisys platform was selected for its ability to offer end-to-end self-service functionality and update the back office systems in real time with no officer involvement.

He continued: “These channel shift numbers really do translate to back office savings for us. Digital inclusion and assisted self-serve will be our next focus as we strive to continue the success we have seen.”

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