Does your channel shift strategy need a post-election adjustment?

While digital services can offer the public sector massive savings — it’s been estimated that the average cost of a digital transaction can be nearly 50 times lower than a transaction conducted face-to-face — the development of online services is an expensive and challenging process. And, with continued economic austerity, it’s not likely that public sector budgets will be on the rise any time soon.

According to the software experts at OutSystems, it’s vital for public sector teams to spend this post-election period developing new strategies to face old challenges on tighter and tighter budgets.

As they explain in a new whitepaper: “The big question faced by UK Government IT leadership now is how to align with the Digital by Default standards within the constraints of existing personnel and established systems, along with selecting technologies that can gracefully accommodate both along the way.”

In “Top 6 Challenges of Channel Shift and How to Tackle Them” Outsystems provides insights into how to face up to technological challenges to meet demand and drive channel shift, leading ultimately to savings in the public sector.

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