Civil service confidence in IT transformation “low”, according to Eduserv

Whilst government IT transformation is a key policy priority, more needs to be done to install confidence in the civil service that this can be achieved, according to research by Eduserv.

Eduserv polled 100 civil servants for a new report ‘Government, technology and the language of business change’, which will examine both the challenges and opportunities from digital transformation in the public sector.

The research found that civil servants currently have a severe lack of confidence that their IT teams can help achieve business objectives, and only a third are sure that their IT structures can help improve collaboration or improve the services.

Furthermore, 71% also indicated that they thought their governmental department would fail to invest in the necessary IT systems to solve these problems.

Around three quarters of those surveyed said their department does not have an IT strategy aligned to their future business needs, with only 10% believing that their current IT systems work effectively.

Reacting to the findings, Ivan Harris, chief strategy officer for managed cloud services at Eduserv, said: “Today, the overwhelming priority for central government is to harness technology in order to improve service delivery – an area which many acknowledge has been ignored so far.”

But with only a quarter of organisations able to say their people understand the role of IT in service delivery, the defining challenge for successful digital transformation in government is less about technology and more about culture and people.

To create the environment for success, managers and leaders need to stop flying solo and show greater strategic leadership by getting IT on board with the digital transformation agenda if we are to get close to the government’s vision for a digital government.”

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