Centrix Software partners with London Councils to reduce software waste

Centrix Software has partnered with London Councils to minimise unused software and announced a commitment to the London Ventures programme, which is designed to transform public services in London with new delivery methods.

Centrix Software says it has seen a growth pattern in organisations using usage analytics to understand their IT environments and improve delivery in future transformation projects, including cloud and mobile device management project.

Centrix will deploy its SaaS based solution, WorkSpace iQ which will analyse user devices and applications across local, virtual and cloud platforms to improve the delivery of IT services across the council network.

Chair of London Councils’ Capital Ambition Board, Edward Lord OBE, explained: “The Capital Ambition Board recognise the need to have good business intelligence to make tactical ICT decisions.

We have approved Centrix Software’s Workspace iQ to provide just that, helping the 32 Boroughs and the City of London to reduce wasted expenditure on unused software.”

Centrix estimates that on average three-quarters of an organisation’s software is unused and therefore should be classified as wasted expenditure.

The company said that with proper IT planning and analysis local government can “break the cycle” of increasing unnecessary software spend and regain control of their IT environments.

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