‘Red-tape culture’ holding back public sector, says survey

A survey of thirty senior central and local government IT executives by KnowledgeKube has shown a lack of progress in updating legacy processes in the public sector IT infrastructure with half of those interviewed identifying ‘red-tape culture’ as a key challenge.

When asked about current digital transformation priorities, around 60% of respondents felt that is a need to ‘update existing legacy processes’ with a third also believing that ‘integrating and connecting existing applications and data’ is a key priority.

The survey found that almost half of those questioned have found ‘red-tape culture’, ‘old style leadership’ and ‘cost of innovating’ holding back progress in the public sector transformation.

Nearly a quarter found a ‘lack of resources and training’ as a clear issue, whilst 42% find the ‘scale of the challenge’ overwhelming.

Peter Robbins, managing director of Mercato Solutions – creators of KnowledgeKube, said: “The public sector is taking positive steps towards creating and implementing digital services yet it is the pace of this transformation that indicates significant barriers to much-needed innovation remain.

The combination of an IT skills shortage, high perceived cost, and therefore risk, associated with going digital, coupled with a fear of failure, are qualities that undermine the very ethos of driving rapid innovation and change.

‘‘In order to progress, there needs to be a greater focus on the ability to re-engineer and optimise existing processes with greater speed and efficiency,” he concluded.

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