Artificial Intelligence helps central government department automate almost half of white mail processing

A proof of concept at a central government department has revealed that the powerful artificial intelligence of Agilisys Automate can automatically process 42 percent of the documentation submitted with benefit claims.

Designed to read, decipher, recognise and categorise incoming correspondence, Automate’s software learns as it goes and recognises context, enabling it to process even difficult documents effectively.

When faced with highly varied  ‘white mail’ – including bus tickets and handwritten letters  – the program demonstrated its ability to streamline the document sorting process, improve productivity and cut costs.

As a representative from the central government department said: “We’ve proven that Automate can take the scanned images of all of these documents and categorise them better and more accurately than trained staff can, and that the system can flag up when we’re making mistakes in our categorisation.”

To learn more download the free case study.

You can also meet the Agilisys team at stand 526 at the Public Sector Show, where you can get an overview of their products (Agilisys Digital, Agilisys Engage and Agilisys Automate) and enter their competition to win an iPad.

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