Citizens report fly-tipping and potholes via MyGlasgow app

The MyGlasgow app has been re-launched to make it quicker and easier for people to help the city council keep Glasgow looking smart and running smoothly.

People can use the new free MyGlasgow app to report issues such as fly-tipping and potholes immediately at the scene. The app then uses GPS technology to pinpoint the precise location of the report – making it easier for council staff to find and fix issues.

Developed by Future City Glasgow, the user-friendly app has added features which make it more informative than the council’s previous app. For the first time, users will receive feedback on their reports. Emails will confirm receipt of their report, then give the customer details of how long it will take to resolve and inform them when it has been completed.

MyGlasgow app users will also be able to add photographs and video footage to their reports – extra detail which will help the council handle the matter quickly and efficiently.

Customers will also receive feedback emails for the most common issues reported – including fly-tipping, potholes and street lighting outages. These issues account for around 60% of reports to the council and were given priority in the app development. Update emails will soon be available for all other issues that can be reported via the App.

Soon, people will also be able to check if a matter has already been logged by someone else. This should reduce the number of duplicate reports received which can clog up the system.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of Future City Glasgow, said: “This new free app will make it more convenient for people to play their part in helping us keep the city looking its best and running efficiently. It’s free and easy to use and the new features provide better feedback for customers as well as giving the council precise information to work from – this will enhance service provision and help keep Glasgow looking smart. I’d urge everyone to download the app and give it a try.”

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