The public sector becomes main malware target in UK, says report

Organisations in the public sector are the primary target for malware attacks in the UK, according to the latest 2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR).

The report provides an analysis of over six billion security attacks that occurred around the world in 2014.

Although the financial services represented the biggest target worldwide with around a fifth of global malware attacks launched against the sector, in the UK nearly 40% of malware attacks were against public sector organisations.

This was three times higher than the insurance sector, which suffered 13% of all 2014 UK malware attacks and over four times media or financial sectors which both registered 9%.

Stuart Reed, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing at NTT Com Security, comments: “The fact that public sector figures are so high compared to other sectors in the UK is due largely to the value of the data that many of these organisations have, which makes them attractive and highly prized targets for malware attacks.

While the level of threat may vary from organisation to organisation, they all have information that would be of interest to cyber criminals.”

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