Staffordshire Police hires digital experts to tackle cybercrime

Staffordshire Police has hired a team of digital experts to help tackle cybercrime as part of the force’s dedicated digital intelligence team.

Over 250 police staff have been trained to build cases using evidence online and the force expects a further 250 to have completed similar training by the end of the year.

Discussing the new digital experts, Chief Constable Jane Sawyers said: “These are all people with significant skills, backgrounds, training and levels of qualifications in digital investigation.

We have changed the way we think about investigating crime because society has changed the way that crime is committed.”

Assistant Chief Constable Jon Drake said: “The DIT have got really sophisticated technological techniques to help catch offenders who think the internet is a lawless place.

What’s also new is the work they’ve been doing with wider policing. We have trained hundreds of staff on how to use things like open source systems, how far they can go on places like eBay to get stolen property back.”

The digital forensic team are receiving extra investment and staff so that computer and mobile phones being used as evidence can be processed quicker and with greater efficiency.

Melina Hancox, Staffordshire’s divisional manager of independent charity Victim Support said that cybercrime should be a priority: “For some, it can feel like they are facing a powerful and invisible attacker with no idea how or when it will stop.”

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