Oxford broadband partnership celebrates milestone

Oxfordshire County Council and BT have jointly announced that over 50,000 homes and businesses across the county now have access to fibre optic broadband as part of the ‘Better Broadband for Oxfordshire’ scheme.

The project, which is part of the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK programme, began around 18 months ago.

Residents are now able to access download speeds of up to 80 megabits per second and upload speeds of up to 20 megabits per second.

In February, the project received additional funding worth £5.1 million to connect a further 6,500 premises and meet a coverage target of 95% for the county.

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey said: “The digital landscape of Oxford is undergoing a dramatic transformation and I congratulate the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme on having reached more than 50,000 homes and businesses.

Our nationwide rollout of superfast broadband is reaching 5,000 more premises every day and we’re on track to reach 95 per cent of the UK by 2017.”

Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for Business and Customer Services Councillor Nick Carter added: “This is an important milestone in the programme that the County Council has been running for a couple of years.

It’s nothing less than a digital revolution that will cement Oxfordshire’s reputation as an unbeatable place to live and work, and we want people all across our county to be able to enjoy the benefits.”

Bill Murphy, BT’s managing director of next generation access, said: “Our teams will continue to work hard to bring more and more communities within reach of fibre broadband, as quickly as we can.”

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