Choices rebranded to become “digital hub”

NHS Choices will be “upgraded and updated” to become under plans to make it a “digital hub” for people to access health across the UK.

Speaking at the King’s Fund Digital Health and Care Congress in London, Beverley Bryant, director of strategic systems and technology, NHS England, announced the plans that will see NHS Choices rebranded to become a home for a range of NHS services.

“ will be a clinically profiled directory of services encompassing health and social care services,” said Bryant.

Services that would fall under the umbrella include secondary care services, such as the e-Referrals tool; urgent care services, such as NHS 111; a health app library; social care services,and the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

Other plans include giving people the ability to register for a new GP online and the creation of online version of NHS 111, in a bid to get the NHS up-to-date with other industries across the country.

Bryant said it is important to make the service relevant for local areas, saying that NHS Choices has been a “bit too national”.

“The vision is have an or bristol where the local authority and health and wellbeing board work together to provide content onto those sites for citizens to meet the needs of what is relevant in that local area rather than what we think needs to be done on a national perspective,”she added.

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