Digital in-court presentation approaches milestone

The national rollout of ‘in-court presentation’ technology is progressing well, according to the Legal Aid Agency.

The digital technology is expected to be installed at 745 courtrooms across England and Wales by the end of the month to aid in legal presentations and bring court proceedings into the digital age.

The ‘ClickShare’ technology is being used to present in court removes the need for paper versions of document. The new system has received praise from legal professionals.

Defence solicitor Louise McGhee from Cartwright King Solicitors said: “It is extremely helpful that we can now fully conduct hearings from the information held on our devices, without the need for paper copies.

The additional screen that is available means I can easily review my case notes while sharing evidential material with the wider courtroom.”

The documents are held on presenters’ devices and then produced via a wireless link to show the evidence on screens in the court so that there is no need to produce hard copies of the evidence.

The Ministry of Justice said: “In the courtroom, digital working reduces the need for documentation to be provided in hard copy formats for hearings and trials. This saves money and encourages more efficient working.”

The Criminal Justice System efficiency programme is delivering the rollout of technology in the court system as the government aims to have criminal courts working with fully digital systems by July 2016.

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