NHS struggling to embrace cloud technology

According to a new major survey of over 2,000 NHS employees, National Health Service evolution will be undermined without rapid executive intervention.

The study from Huddle, ‘Meeting the Digital Challenge: How Well is the NHS Embracing Cloud Computing?’, reveals that despite government initiatives to drive greater use of cloud computing across the public sector, many parts of the NHS are struggling to embrace the technology.

Only 66% of NHS staff are aware of cloud computing, according to the study, and just one third feel confident using these services. Major barriers to cloud adoption included security concerns (81%), time and effort to switch (74%) and lack of expertise to install systems (72%).

Alastair Mitchell, co-founder and CMO of Huddle said: “Cloud computing is seen as a key component to improving collaboration between agencies and departments. In particular, how sensitive data is managed, shared and secured across the entire public sector. However, we’re in a position where almost half of NHS employees still routinely post hard copies of documents to each other or rely on insecure USB flash drives.”

“This isn’t another ‘NHS IT gone bad’ story. This is about the challenge of change management in a massive and complex organisation. This is about how NHS executives and IT leaders can intervene, turn the tide, and help their colleagues achieve the NHS’s potential and meet the vision for flexibility, integration and efficiency as set out in NHS England’s 2014 ‘Five Year Forward View’.”

Download the report here.

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