requires urgent attention, watchdog report warns

The NHS’s ‘’ project has been highlighted in a report by the Major Projects Authority as one of 20 government projects that are failing and require immediate action.

The project is a Health and Social Care Information Centre scheme to share patient medical records between hospitals and GP surgeries to improve and co-ordinate care.

It was labelled with a ‘red’ rating in the MPA’s annual review, compiled using data from September 2014, which means that the project must improve in five key areas to rectify its failure rating.

It must complete business case assurance, pathfinder pilots before receiving approval to implement the roll out of the project.

NHS England will be responsible for the national rollout of the initiative to determine priority datasets to be included and outline the data risk management strategy.

The MPA commented that the pilot scheme “will provide key information from which the programme team can learn and assess the impact before progression into a wider roll-out.

No data will be extracted from GP practice systems – including during the ‘pathfinder’ until such time that the national data guardian is satisfied.”

Because the information used in the report dates to September 2014, it has been suggested that the ratings for some projects are out of date.

It has been suggested that the rating for the project has changed to amber/red which means “urgent action is needed to ensure these are addressed, and whether resolution is feasible“.

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