NHS e-Referral system still encountering problems

The NHS e-Referral Service is continuing to struggle with slow processing of referrals and functionality, whilst in the first days of its service the system was shut down completely.

The new system went live on Monday 15th June to replace the old Choose and Book system but was plagued with slow responses and the service was unavailable.

These initial problems have now largely been resolved but the HSCIC has said that “some residual functional and performance issues persist.

Users with large worklists are suggested to have caused the system to time out and a wider degradation of the service.

To address the problems the HSCIC has said it will release a new version of the NHS e-Referral Service, which will include a worklist sorting feature.

The version 4.1 is set to be rolled out within the next week and has already been developed and tested, according to the HSCIC.

The HSCIC has recommended that users look to change their browser, which could improve performance.

A spokesperson for the HSCIC said: “While the majority of NHS organisations are up and running with the new national system, we are helping local providers that have reported technical problems.

As planned, we continue to operate around the clock to monitor the system, to investigate, diagnose and fix issues.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and will continue to update users about how the system is operating and how they access support and guidance if they need it.”

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