Future City Glasgow project recognised with two awards

The Future City Glasgow project has been recognised with two awards: a Geospatial World Excellence Award at ceremony in Lisbon and a Holyrood Connect Award for most innovative use of ICT in delivering public services.

Judges for the awards said that the project in Glasgow is “providing global leadership in demonstrating how older, more established cities can be transformed into Smart Cities of the future“.

The programme was recognised “around the world for its emphasis on quality of life outcomes“, the judges added.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “It is wonderful that the Future City Glasgow programme is attracting such acclaim.

Clever use of technology and data can unlock immense opportunities, not only to enhance quality of life in the city but also to attract high calibre companies looking to recruit skilled staff and invest in the area.

I know that the programme works in partnership with the city’s universities to share expertise and everyone from school pupils to community groups are also assisting with several of the projects.”

The Future City Glasgow programme demonstrates technology being practically applied to city building, to improve life for residents and make the environment smarter, safer and more sustainable.

Technologies include the installation of LED street lights fitted with sensors to light up as pedestrians or cyclists approach and increase in brightness as they get closer; the sensors also monitor footfall, air and noise pollution.

The city has integrated the teams monitoring CCTV and traffic cameras with a new camera network being rolled out to improve traffic management in the city.

Glasgow City Council has pledged to make all non-sensitive or personal data, collected across 400 datasets at a central data hub, freely available to all citizens.

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