LGA launches new digital data tool

The Local Government Association has launched a new digital data tool to allow organisations to gain a better understanding of their communities, national organisations to make more information available and encourage new business initiatives.

The direct data feed from the LGA’s services LG Inform and LG Inform Plus, will allow organisations to access over 3,000 data sets about the local area.

Users will have access to national and regional data, council data and hyper-local data, including wards and neighbourhoods.

The data will be free to use for small activities with some charges for more in-depth analysis or data gathering.

Councillor Peter Fleming, Chair of the LGA’s Improvement and Innovation Board, said: “Opening up access to this level of information is going to be of real help to so many organisations that are actively engaged in making their communities better places.

Understanding the people and places that we serve is key to making sure we are delivering the right services in the most efficient manner and if the level of understanding we have developed can be of use to others serving our communities then that has to be a good thing.

Organisations working at a national level can benefit from being able to open up access to this information to their members, and for small digital businesses it will provide the potential for all sorts of different possible commercial ventures such as building apps, or developing systems and websites.”

The LGA expects website and application developers, property marketing groups, educational bodies, central government, third-sector groups and the finance industry to all benefit from the increased availability of local data.

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