Camden Council saves £93 million with IBM data analytics

Camden Council has saved £93 million as a result of a data integration programme across 16 core IT systems, using IBM data analytics.

The council had planned to save £70 million as a response to budgetary cuts, but the actual figure exceeds that initial target.

Hillary Simpson, IT business partner at Camden, said: “It’s all about savings. We looked at matching data across organisational areas to add value and provide a single view of customers across Camden.”

The data integrated scheme was originally implemented two years ago, in addition to a governance framework to protect and store the data appropriately.

The council identified potential situations that data sharing could benefit, including the issue of unauthorised sub-letting of council properties and managing council tax, when “previously council officers spent time accessing multiple systems.”

The council has increased the quality of its data sets and can now use its own data information rather than relying on third parties which is also delivering savings.

In terms of data protection and privacy, Simpson stated: “We did a lot of work on privacy. The permissions model is very fine-tuned and we can prevent people having access to certain fields.”

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