‘English votes for English laws’ to be managed with tablets

The Leader of the House of Commons, Chris Grayling has announced a proposed management system for ‘English votes for English laws’, which includes the use of voting via tablet computer.

The move was announced during a parliamentary session last week, to manage a new voting procedure which would see the House of Commons clerks counting how many English MPs supported a measure in comparison to those in total and see if the legislation can be approved.

Presently, clerks use pen and paper to record the voting, despite the devolved Scottish and Welsh authorities using electronic voting methods.

The current system has been described by some as outdated and the time to process results has been highlighted.

Under electronic voting systems it is hoped that the decision by the House can be announced sooner.

Chris Grayling said: “This new double majority system will use a new system for recording votes in the division lobbies.

In future, votes will be recorded on tablet computers so it would be possible to give the tellers an immediate tally on whether a measure has a majority of English MPs as well.”

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