Local government collaborating to drive digital ambitions

Following the Chancellor’s March Budget which called for joint proposals from local government for extending government “digital ambitions” in time to inform future budget allocations, local authorities are working together to identify best practices in digital innovation.

The Local Digital Alliance, which includes the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Local Government Association, the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Society of Council IT managers, has already held discussion and workshops to tackle key priorities.

Now, all council chiefs are being asked to take part in an online survey regarding digital implementation and overhaul of public services, to be completed by Thursday 9th July to increase understanding of where authorities can collaborate and establish best practices.

Cathy Francis, deputy director of digital and corporate communications at DCLG, said: “Local government has a long track record in successfully harnessing digital technologies to drive innovation and deliver better, more efficient services; but this good practice is not yet uniform across the sector.”

She added: “By working together now we can ensure that the next generation of digital services targets those areas that will deliver the greatest benefits to citizens and ensures that every pound spent delivers maximum value.”

CIPFA chief executive Rob Whiteman said: “This new drive for a second generation of digital solutions will help local service providers meet the needs of their communities more effectively, offer greater flexibility and crucially, in this period of fiscal consolidation, reduce cost.”

Peter Fleming, chair of the LGA’s improvement board said that it is vital that councils play a role in the “discussion and delivery of future digital services”.

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